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"Defensive Driving Saves Lives"

Rivadavia offers the 6 hours behind-the-wheel training to under 18’s who have completed Driver’s Education. The fee is $540 for teens located in San Francisco. Please check our "Rates" page for prices outside San Francisco. The course is divided into 3 days, at 2 hours per day and it includes the free pick-up and drop-off.

In order for you to get a Learner's Permit if you are under 17 and a half, you must first go to the DMV, present your certificate of Drivers Education and pass a written exam.

Keep your certificates safe. There is a $25 administration fee to issue a duplicate certificate if you happen to lose or misplace your original one.

Teen’s procedure to get a driver's license:

  • complete Driver’s Education
  • obtain a learner's permit from DMV after passing a written exam
  • enroll for 6 hours with a professional driving school; take 6 hour behind-the-wheel course to obtain a certificate of completion
  • practice driving with parent/guardian for 50 hours
  • take driving test after 6 months of having your permit

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