Adult Lessons

Rivadavia can help you reach your driving goals by catering to your specific needs. We expose you to different driving conditions such as residential areas, heavy traffic, freeway, construction zones, to build the necessary skills and confidence to pass the driving test and become a confident driver for life. Lessons are 2 hours in duration and consist of the driving techniques described above. Please visit the Rates page to view driving lesson pricing

Lesson Structure:

Lessons are scheduled back-to-back. If your lesson ends at 12:00 pm, you will drive with the instructor to the next students location (their lesson start time is 12:00 pm) and you will sit in the back seat of the vehicle while they drive you back to your location. Please note that if your lesson ends at 12:00 pm, you will be back to your location between 12:15 pm – 12:30 pm.

What to expect:

All students start in the driver seat. Depending on what level you are in, you will drive to an area of adequate challenge for you. Beginners usually practice in a residential zone. If you have zero experience, your instructor may control the pedals from the passenger side until you get to a parking lot. Intermediate drivers will hone skills in heavy traffic zones while advanced drivers are evaluated and prepared for the driving test.

We offer:

  • Adult lessons for beginners thru advanced
  • Brush up lessons for licensed drivers
  • Lessons for first time USA drivers
  • Driving test preparations


  • Be sure to bring your valid California permit or license to each lesson
  • Please allow approximately 30 minutes to get to your location once your lesson finishes as classes are back to back. This means when one lesson ends, the next one begins. For example, if your lesson is from 1-3pm, at 3pm you will pick up the next student and he/she will drive you back.
  • Instructor takes a 10 min bathroom break during a 2 hour session
  • Strict 24 hour cancellation policy: if you cancel with less than a 24 hour notice, you must pay the full $240 class fee. By booking with us, you agree to our 24 hour cancellation policy.
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